Our Mission

The Philippine Eagle Foundation firmly believes that the fate of our vanishing Philippine Eagle, the health of our environment, and the quality of Philippine life are inextricably linked. We are therefore committed to promote the survival of the Philippine Eagle, the biodiversity it represents, and the sustainable use of our forest resources for future generations to enjoy.

You Can Help! Raise awareness to protect and conserve the Philippine Eagles. We have new plans for this website, and will go forward with a redesign in late 2023 or early 2024. Please stay tuned. Redirect all questions to our support forum and social media accounts during the upgrade. Thanks.

For further information:

Make sure to check out our new page about the Philippine Eagle breeding and biology. There you can also find a section on feeding ecology and population estimates.

philippine eagle pamana painting reviewed

Painting by Roderick Luna – Facebook page is LunaArt Gallery.

How can you help? Sole Fitness Fundraise in review

Even after that fact that this webpage about the Philippine eagle foundation has gone defunct we would like to do our best to preserve the knowledge online. In review of our options we have come to the conclusion that our sole way forward is to accept support from organizations and individuals who share our vision. We would like to extend our thanks to John Williams from elliptical watch, for his help with reviews, support and encouragement. John’s sole purpose is to publish reviews and help consumers; his latest reviewed equipment is the sole e25 elliptical.

We will continue to build out this site and review the situation for the Pithecophaga Jefferyi. We would also like to take the opportunity and extent our thanks to the sole reviewer ace, Jamie Miller (with treadmill sole rights) and Dr. Ferguson, Ph.D., AFAA. Thanks. Every little bit of help is appreciated and the help and support given to Philippine Eagle project is inspiring, we are overwhelmed. We also feel that our honorable mention of Mr. Brown, for his continuous support, should be mentioned here. You are much welcome to send your questions or express your support to Robert P. Leonard.

Finally, we would like to express our greatest appreciation for everyone supporting the Philippine Eagle.

It is the sole mission of this website to preserve and publish information regarding the Philippine Eagle. Please browse around the site and review the different sections of our website.

Please note, the work, articles and photographs on this website are the sole property of the original owners and producers.

Haribon, the Great Philippine Eagle
Painting by Roger A. Deang – Professional artist from Pampanga. Painting of Haribon, the Great Philippine Eagle. I hope it can help in anyway in preserving the endangered species.

“Once you see them, you can’t imagine life without them.”

Unlike many species, it’s possible to see Philippine Eagle (monkey-eating eagle) in the wild.

Send any feed-back, concerns or questions to our contact e-mail.

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